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Omar is not an establishment candidate, and while he is a consensus maker, he will not back down from a fight. He was hunted down, tortured, and nearly killed for speaking out against injustice. Still, he stood strong. His experience, values and track-record should leave no doubt in the mind of any Rhode Islander that when it comes to protecting the rights of, and serving, the residents of the Ocean State there will be no fiercer advocate.

Defend Democracy
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Voting Rights and Representation

This is a pivotal time for democracy. Omar brings to the table a context that other candidates lack having lived under both democracy and dictatorship. Omar stood up for human rights and freedom in a country where democracy was waning, despite dire threats to his safety. He was hunted down and tortured by brutal dictator who thought he was above the law. Omar nearly lost his life as a result. Omar will co-sponsor legislation to codify voting rights and strengthen the underpinnings of our democracy.

He will fight to reform the mechanics of the electoral process and support fair districting policies, so gerrymandering does not infringe on the right to representation, especially among marginalized communities.


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