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Omar is not an establishment candidate, and while he is a consensus maker, he will not back down from a fight. He was hunted down, tortured, and nearly killed for speaking out against injustice. Still, he stood strong. His experience, values and track-record should leave no doubt in the mind of any Rhode Islander that when it comes to protecting the rights of, and serving, the residents of the Ocean State there will be no fiercer advocate.

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A woman's right is paramount for gender equality, women’s health, and democracy. The United States is on the cusp of denying this human right. Omar is a fierce advocate for gender equality and specifically for a woman’s right to access reproductive health care.


Omar supports a repeal of the Hyde Amendment so that federal funds can be made available to support comprehensive family planning options for low-income women. Repealing the Hyde amendment, and passing federal protections against repressive and discriminatory state restrictions on abortions are essential for women rights. Fundamentally, Omar believes that women should lead this conversation, and so he hopes to work with the many women among his fellow legislators and constituents to advance a solution that upholds women’s rights. 

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